Areas of Expertise

Data Analysis

Institutional Framework and Reforms

  • Related Presentation: “Democracy and Governance”

Public Finance and Financial Management

  • Related Research: “Taxation and Authoritarian Resilience”

Economic and Sector Governance

  • Related Policy Paper: “Powering Up or Powering Down in Taiwan?”

Civil Society and Community Management

  • Related Evaluation Report: “CIDA Funding for Civil Society in China”

Capacity Building and Public Sector Reform

  • Related Policy Paper: “Putting Legitimacy at the Center of Foreign Operations and Assistance”

Regional and Business Development

  • Related Presentation: “The Role of Public Private Partnerships in Khon Kaen’s Smart City Development”
  • Related Research: “The Use of Government Special Purpose Vehicles in Public Private Partnerships in Asia”

Environmental Management and Emissions

  • Related Research: “Local Governance Pathways to Decarbonization in China and India”

Policy Process and Framework

  • Related Research: “Democracy and Technocracy as Spheres of Justice in Public Policy”